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“And I’d like the line in the shape of a kitten…………….”

I’m sharing a great post today from The Agitator, one of the blogs that I read regularly.

The centerpiece of the post is a painfully funny video skewering the worst of client/agency meetings.

Too often we’re order takers instead of strategic counselors.   Not often enough do we push back on clients and partner with them to get to a better place.

A couple of weeks ago, during a strategic planning session with a room full of senior level folks, my client said to me: “I hate you right now.  I know you’re right, but I really hate you.”   He came up to me at the break to apologize, but I told him I considered it one of the best professional complements I’d received.

Please share your horror stories and success stories.  Oh, and subscribe to The Agitator. It’s good stuff.